A List Of Good Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Mainly due to the time and space allowed, this article on writing a compare and contrast essay is brief. But it will be an informative introduction to especially new writers in high school, college, or moving into freelance work assignments. It should serve mainly as a source of inspiration for a few randomly chosen topics which are smart and invite originality from the writer.

Before the topic outlines are perused, make a note of what is expected when conducting a compare and contrast exercise in confirmation with academic conventions. The best practice scenario entails one chosen subject which can then be sub-divided into a number of other selective areas.

For instance, if the subject is a historical event such as the Civil War then a compare and contrast essay compositional outline on two opposing generals or leaders is quite feasible. Let that be the first suggested topic. The next topic could very well follow this one because it can be made relevant to a compare and contrast topic for current events.

  1. Civil War Generals from the North and South – You could select an area where you were brought up and may still be living in, and discuss the historical impacts of the war on your region, focusing on the local leaders that shaped these events.
  2. The pros and cons of slavery before, during and after the Civil War – This is pertinent to you if you are descended from a family that was affected or victimized by slavery. Try, however, to keep your arguments as objective as possible in this case.
  3. The issues of inequality and migration among minorities today – These are relevant topics for discussion which can be compared with the historical events in the past. It is a broad-based discussion because, irrespective of our heritage, we have all been affected some way or another.
  4. Racial segregation and its legislation – Aligning current events with the past, you could compare and contrast the legislation put in place by the USA and South Africa.
  5. Determine the differences, if any, between global warming and climate change – The naming of these terms still seems to sow confusion and can be misunderstood. This is an opportunity for you to examine these in detail and then draw your own comparative findings.

This short list should encourage and enable interested students to expand this list further. It will also depend on what subject they are focusing on.

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