How Do I Write An Expository Essay On The Ideas That Govern My Life?

In an expository essay, the writer will explore a topic totally, form an opinion on that topic, and then to set about forming a plan or correction concerning that topic issue. The job requires a bit of detective work. If you have to write an expository essay about the ideas that govern your life, consider some of our tips and our topic ideas.


    Step back and look at your world-step away from yourself and look at your world. Many of the things that govern your life are necessary. You need to look at the situation as if you were an outsider. This will keep you from selecting a flimsy topic with no supports. Be realistic-you must be realistic. You are probably going to have to attend school, do chores, and come home at night. You need to make sure your topic makes sense, and is realistic. Control the emotions-keep a lid on your emotions. No matter your opinion on a subject, this is still an academic paper. If all you do is rant and rave about homework, and do not give any support that is valid against homework, your paper is going to get a low grade. The topic and essay cannot be driven by emotions alone.


    • School uniforms-yes, no, and why do you feel this way and what changes can be made concerning them
    • No cell phones at school-some schools do not allow cell phones, how do you feel about this and why do you feel this way
    • Required community service hours-should a student, on top of all of their other obligations, have to complete community service hours, if not why and what alternative obligations could there be
    • Standardized testing-why take them and how do you opt out
    • Voter age restrictions-why can’t students who are sixteen and knowledgeable on politics vote for the president of the United States
    • Home chores and obligations-why should young people have chores when they have so much school work to do and so many other obligations
    • Required military service-should the U.S. require this as many other countries do
    • College costs-why does attending college cost so very much and shouldn’t it be free for everyone who wants to attend it

    Use our many tips and innovative topics for your essay on the ideas that govern your daily life.

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