Choosing An Argumentative Essay Topic On Domestic Violence

Writing argumentatively requires you to understand and present two different perspective on something. This is supposed to be done somewhat dispassionately unlike a persuasive piece where the intention is to make the reader agree with one side or another. This may be harder with certain topics than other, especially those that are very emotionally evocative. If you want to pick a topic about domestic abuse, think about these tips:

Decide what actions you consider violence for the paper

To some people, violence is only physical however many would elaborate that the first violent acts in a relationship may be verbal or sexual. Make sure that you are clear to the reader in terms of what you mean before you get too far into your writing.

Consider the viewpoints and potential triggers of your readers

Many people have been victims of this type of violence and it has affected them traumatically. Be careful not to word your work so as to trigger these painful memories.

Look for statistics to back up your potential topics

If you have brainstormed several but only a few can be scientifically corroborated, the others are no longer useful to you.

Having done this you should have a few front runners in mind. Select the topic that meets most of your needs and you may end up with something like the following:

  1. Can men be victims of domestic abuse?
  2. Are the children of victims destined to become abusers or victims themselves?
  3. Would greater access to self defense training help stem the tide of abuse?
  4. Are there always signs early on that a relationship will become violent?
  5. Are safe-houses generally secure enough to protect victims?
  6. Can a man who has abused his spouse be rehabilitated through therapy?
  7. Is the tendency to relationship based violence a genetic one?
  8. Are males victims of abuse less likely to be taken seriously?
  9. Is relationship based violence recorded adequately among same sex pairs?
  10. Are older couples less likely to engage in violent behaviors?
  11. Are educated women less likely to fall victim to spousal abuse?
  12. Does the presence of children in a household affect the risk of violence significantly?
  13. Are abusive relationships likely to end up in the death of one or both parties?
  14. Does the possession of a weapon reduce the risk of death at the hand s of a romantic partner?

Depending on the available time, any of these topics or ones similar can be used.

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