22 Winning Topics For Writing An Expository Essay About Dolphins

Given the task of writing an expository essay on dolphins, you need to think outside the box. An essay like this one might sound rather interesting, but you will need to overcome the excitement and make sure that you present a very good paper in the long run.

  1. 1. Discuss the challenges that dolphins in captivity face
  2. 2. Explain which is better between freedom and domestication for dolphins
  3. 3. Cite the dangers of holding dolphins in aquariums for entertainment
  4. 4. Explain how the market value for dolphins threatens their existence
  5. 5. Discuss some of the differences in behavior between dolphins in their natural habitat and the ones that are domesticated.
  6. 6. Dolphins are normally considered to be the second smartest animals in the world; discuss
  7. 7. Explain why dolphins are easier to socialize with
  8. 8. Dolphins tend to live and thrive better in communities. Discuss this phenomenon
  9. 9. Explain how dolphins communicate with one another
  10. 10. Discuss the differences and similarities between porpoises, whales and dolphins
  11. 11. Explain the similarities between the communication styles used by dolphins and human beings
  12. 12. Discuss the primary features of members of the cetacean family
  13. 13. Explain how the body of a dolphin is adapted to its environment
  14. 14. Explain reasons why the battlenose dolphin is considered one of the most popular in their species
  15. 15. Champions of animal rights have for a long time argued that dolphins need to be granted rights. Discuss how non-person rights would impact their existence
  16. 16. Discuss some measures that can be put in place to make sure that the population of dolphins is not put under threat by hunters
  17. 17. Explain in your own opinion why accidental capture of dolphins when fishing is not supposed to be considered an accident, and should be punishable
  18. 18. Explain how culling operations normally affect the survival of dolphins
  19. 19. Discuss the intelligence of dolphins, drawing comparison and using relevant examples to show how amazing these creatures are
  20. 20. The orca dolphins are considered the largest ever in the dolphin family. Discuss some of the features that distinguish them from the rest of the species, and cite how their bodies have adapted for better survival chances
  21. 21. Discuss the economic consequences that would be experienced if dolphins were to be given non-person rights
  22. 22. Discuss ethical challenges that are associated with killing such intelligent animals

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