How To Create A Good Essay About Friendship in 30 Minutes

Writing about friendship might seem easy enough, but sometimes the more we know about something the harder it is to stay professional when writing about it. You have to remember that you are not talking about a certain friend; you have to talk about friendship in general. Personal note is always a plus, but it should revolve just about you it your paper. Here are some tips on how to create a good essay about friendship in just 30 minutes.

Friends are important, but why?

Friend pays a certain role in our life from beginning to the end. There is no time in life that one doesn’t need a friend. Thing about how are your friends important to you and you will write a great essay about friendship in no time.

There are different kinds of friends

When trying to write about friendship, think about all different kinds of friends you have. You school friends are probably the first thing you think about, but there are many people around you that are also your friends even if you don’t consider them such. Your mother, sister, professor, colleague, doctor, those people are also your friends. Think about them when writing an essay.

Remember a story

When trying to write an essay about friendship, thing about an interesting story that can cast a different light on how relationships are consumed and evaluated. Think about some stuff that happened to you, about some interesting stories on how you met your friends, our maybe how you had a fight and then made up.

Think about some extraordinary cases of friendship

It is always easy to write about something that happened to you, but think about some famous people, from popular culture or history, that were friends. They can be a great inspiration for your essay, especially if you know much about their lives. Also, it may help to remember some interesting stories from your family.

Inspiration is all around you, you just need to ask for it

When writing an essay about friendship, bear in mind that it is something that many have written about. Famous writers covered that subject in their work, also journalist. You can easily find their work online or in the library. Read what they wrote and the inspiration will come. Also ask your friends what they think about friendship. They can give you some ideas or inspire you with some new stories.

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