15 Debatable Essay Questions For High School Students

High school students are great at debating all issues that they are passionate about. That is the key to any good debatable essay question. Find something that the students are passionate about and you will get great writings. Here are 15 good essay questions that high school students should love to debate:

  1. Has the internet caused cheating and plagiarism to increase?
  2. Should drug testing be performed at the high school level?
  3. Should students have a say in what they are taught?
  4. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers during the school year?
  5. Do standardized tests really tell how well students are doing?
  6. Should your school have a dress code?
  7. Should school be taught year-round?
  8. How should bullying be controlled in high schools?
  9. When should public education start? At the pre-school age?
  10. Is technology distracting students from real learning?
  11. Do boys suffer as much as girls to have perfect looks and body?
  12. Should football be allowed at the elementary school level because of the physical dangers?
  13. Should everyone be able to get the morning after pill over the counter?
  14. Should marijuana be legalized?
  15. Is texting an adequate form of communication?

In order for the student to be successful in writing a great debating essay they need to make sure they include the four parts necessary for a good debate:

  • Claims – You need to get your point across about what you are trying to convince your audience about. Make your point clear so there are no questions about what you are trying to say
  • Counterclaims – Of course, in order to have an argument, you need the opposing view as well. Make sure you stress what the opposing views are to your argument or debate.
  • Reasons – These statements will tell your audience why you think the way you think about whatever you are debating. Tell the audience why you think your reasons are important in the broad scheme of things. This is where you can bring out your passion in what you are saying.
  • Evidence – You need concrete evidence to support whatever you are claiming in your argument. Make sure you have plenty of evidence and make sure you explain it well so that your audience can see your point of view

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