Can You Start An Expository Essay With A Question?

Are you the process of writing an expository essay, and are not sure if you can begin the writing process with a question? Then you need to take some time to investigate the idea of starting with a question. By weighing up the merits and disadvantages you’ll be able to make an informed decision. With that thought in mind here are some considerations to make when deciding if starting an expository essay with a question is a great idea.

What Is An Expository Piece

It’s important to first of all understand what an expository project is. Basically it’s a genre of writing that means you need to select a specific idea, person or object, and examine it in a clear and critical manner. This means you need to use a blend of descriptive writing, opinions and facts. The point is not to be entertaining, or add light humor, but instead try to be as informative as possible. These type of projects are not complicated, and there are plenty of examples that you can view online for guidance.

Advantages Of Starting Out With A Questions

Starting with a question is a great idea because it immediately engages the reader and informs them of what the piece is going to be about. The question should not only be informative, but also interesting, even if you are writing on a bland topic. An interesting opening is important for captivating the attention of the reader. Try looking at example projects that start out with a question to see what kind of ideas you can gather.

Reasons Against Starting With A Question

There are a few reason why starting out with a question might not be the best idea. For example, if you want to introduce the topic in a slow and careful manner, then getting to the point right away could be counter-productive. This is true of projects that have a very technical nature. It would be wrong to quickly introduce the question, when you need to give some background information.

The approach you choose will depend on your wiring style and the type of project you are working on. Just keep in mind that starting with a question can be risky but pay off in a lot of cases.

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