Ideas For An Essay On Leadership: Topics To Impress Your Teacher

Teachers often give students interesting topics to write their essays. Leadership is a good general topic for a paper. However, if you want to impress your teacher and classmates, you should come up with a narrow subject that will investigate some aspects of leadership. If nothing comes to mind, look at the list of suggestions below and select one of them.

  1. The effect of social media on leadership.
  2. Are there more people with developed leadership skills due to social networks or maybe these websites have negative effects on leadership?

  3. Leadership and friends.
  4. Write how to become a leader among your friends or family members. Will these have negative effects on your relationships?

  5. Leadership and changes.
  6. An image of a leader always changes. Do your investigation and write in your essay how leadership changed over the last ten years.

  7. Leadership in the workplace.
  8. This topic allows you to research how to use leadership in the workplace in order to optimize the work of a company.

  9. Leadership and civilizations.
  10. Do your investigation and present examples of how great leaders created or destroyed entire civilizations.

  11. Leadership in sports.

    Write why it’s important for a sports team to have a strong leader. Even the best athletes can lose without good coaches.

  12. The effects of poor leadership.
  13. Do your research and give real life examples which prove that even a successful company can splurge if given to another leader with poor skills.

  14. Styles of leadership.
  15. Investigate different leadership styles and present the results that you may get by implementing them.

  16. Leadership and genders.
  17. Explain in your essay whether the gender of a leader affects their success. Should we choose leaders depending on their gender?

  18. The most influential leaders.
  19. You may write about the real historical characters who demonstrated great leadership skills in different fields. If you want your paper to be interesting and persuasive, you should make a thorough investigation. Factual evidence always works better than just your opinion for supporting your statements. Before you start writing, you should go to your teacher and ask them what sources you should use to work on your particular topic. A good teacher should give you valuable advice on this matter. Make references to your sources in the text so that the reader can see the reliability of your words.

Last but not least, you should always check your papers for mistakes. Grammar and spelling errors will definitely make a bad impression on your teacher.

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