Looking For A Persuasive Essay Example: Clear Directions

Writing a persuasive piece of writing is a type of assignment the student receives where they must form an opinion on a topic and then write in a manner that will bring the reader over to their point of view. This type of writing will enable students to learn how to clearly form and argument and present it in a persuasive manner.

Sounds easy, right?

While this type of writing may seem easy in concept, sometimes students may need examples to get their own writing started. Here are clear directions on where to find examples when looking for this type of piece.

Step One – Talk to the class instructor

The first step in finding an example you can use is to talk to the class instructor. The instructor will have a template or an outline that you can review to better understand what this type of piece should look like when complete. Take some time and review the materials that the instructor provides and then move to step two.

Step Two – Ask questions of the instructor

After you have reviewed the material the instructor has provided, take some time to ask questions. Even if you think you understand the formatting required, asking questions may help to elaborate more on the work you will be doing and allow you to better complete the task once you leave.

Step Three – Gather additional information on the internet

No assignment is truly helpful unless you gather additional information on how to make your piece stand out. Do a quick search on the internet and see how you can take your assignment from average to great by looking at other creative wording and examples that you can find on the internet.

Step Four – Talk with other students who have taken the class

The final step to finding truly great examples for you work is to talk to past students regarding what you are doing. Oftentimes, past students can give tips and or tricks on how to score high marks or give you techniques and examples of their own work so that your end assignment will be great.

With just a little diligence and investigative work you will have the samples you need to complete the assignment in no time and ensure it will truly meet the requirements of the instructor when you turn in the assignment for grading.

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