Picking Up Good Persuasive Essay Topics To Write About

A persuasive paper is more like a debate or a speech where you have to convince your audience of your stance by giving logical arguments, factual data, concrete examples, and a strong tone that will affirm and confirm your work. You can open such a paper in different ways depending upon your preferences and strong areas. You might want to begin with a famous quote that relates to your subject, an anecdote that you can come back to or a question that you want to ask your audience. You can build interest of the audience by starting with an assertion and proving it in the later phase in your paper. It is important to note here that your readers will not believe something to be true only because you think so. It is good to write about something that interests you but you must have logical arguments and strong evidence to support your stance.

  1. 1. The topic of your paper is critical because it will help you determine the overall direction of your paper and identify a basic problem that you will address in your assignment. You can choose to talk about any aspect that you are most passionate about and prove it with relevant evidence. The evidence you use to support your stance should be concrete examples, valid and relevant data, information from authenticated sources, and recent information.
  2. 2. The topic of your paper should not only be unique in words but also ideas and content. Imagine if you read a lot about something, you will not be surprised or impressed to see the same opinion from another writer. If someone copied J.K rowling’s work but rephrased it in his own words, would you actually appreciate it? The point is to create a paper that is unique and interesting. It should be a fresh idea that you wanted to explore and have valuable insight to share with your audience
  3. 3. The most important thing for your topic is to hook your audience to keep them curious for reading more of your work. They should have an interest in what you will explain in the rest of your assignment. You can learn to add hooks by reading professional writers and suggestions from experts. You can check by reading expert written papers that what made you hooked to continue reading their paper

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