Top 22 Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

When you are tasked to write an engrossing persuasive essay topic in college, of course, it is just right that you start searching for subject matters which are distinct from what other students have been writing about. Needless to say, you certainly wish to stand out among the rest and be able to impress your professor.

In addition, from among the persuasive topic writings listed below, select the one which you are well-aware of and see to it that you have the needed time to do the research and come up with an extensive writing piece that covers every facet of the subject matter. In so doing, this shall aid you write concisely without beating about the bush.

Here is a list of very informative and exciting persuasive essay topics you may consider for your college writing project:

  1. Magazines which are marketed for adolescents send unsound ethical and moral messages
  2. Social networks should be allowed in the university
  3. Online education is just as effective and beneficial as classroom learning
  4. Should people below 18 be allowed to get inked provided they have permission from their parents?
  5. Textbooks should be replaced by various resources available online and modernized learning gadgets
  6. Should adolescents be allowed to buy aggressive video games?
  7. Supporting the local food movement through simply purchasing and consuming local foods
  8. College students should take foreign language courses
  9. Should abortion be regarded as illegal from now on?
  10. Highly educated individuals should volunteer as literacy tutors
  11. Focus more on domestic terrorism than terrorism from other nations
  12. Do you believe free condoms must be distributed for college students in universities?
  13. Should it be made legal to smoke in outdoor locations and other public places?
  14. Celebrities should be given more rights to privacy
  15. Are security cameras primarily intended to invade other’s privacy and not to secure individuals?
  16. Do you think firms should be able to advertise in universities?
  17. Should those who are caught driving while intoxicated lose their driver’s license for a period of one year?
  18. University students should practice discreetness when posting on social media sites
  19. How bullying changes who you are and how this could lead to cases of suicide?
  20. Do various forms of social media sites create feelings of isolation for some users?
  21. Should physicians be allowed to prescribe contraception for girls who are below 18 years old?
  22. Prisoners should not be given the right to suffrage

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