What Makes A Good Argumentative Essay Topic: 5 Useful Hints


An argumentative essay in an important part of the development of any student whether if he’s a high school, college or university student. These arguments prepare the student for the tough life ahead and serve as a training ground to face future challenges and to persuade others. What normally happens in an argumentative write-up is that you pick one side of the argument and do your best to convince the other side that your viewpoint is correct. Now, the main point is to convincing and comprehensive in your argument and without that, your writing won't be effective. Hence, today I will tell you five useful tips which you should follow that will help you in constructing a good argumentative essay.


The first important thing which is highly crucial is that that you have strong belief and conviction in your argument. If you are not convinced then how do you expect to persuade others that your argument is valid?

Focus on the Key Point from the other side of the Story:

As the subheading states, you have to keep a key eye on the other side of the argument and try to nullify the strong counter arguments that the rival side may present.

Thorough Research:

Research is highly important; you have to study both sides of the arguments carefully and find loopholes that may benefit or harm your viewpoint. As a result, you will be able to address your weaknesses and focus on the weak point of your rival.

Facts and Figures:

Always come up with relevant facts and figures to support your claim. They will serve as a comprehensive proof that you are correct in your stance. Also, this gives more credibility to your argument.


Lastly, it is highly suggested that you construct an effective outline which will organize your essay and make it effective and efficient. An outline serves as a roadmap and gives a clear direction where you should be headed so that you won’t deviate from the matter.


In the end, I would conclude by saying that the five hints mentioned above are the pre-requisite that need to adhere strictly before writing any argumentative essay. If you ignore these tips, then your argument won't be as strong and efficient, and you won't be able to convince others that your viewpoint is correct.

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