The Purpose Of A Descriptive Essay: An Academic Tutorial

When you write a descriptive essay the purpose is fairly simple i.e. to describe. Now the rest depends on your topic and what you are writing for. The general topics for this kind of works will involve something simple and easy to comprehend. Usually students are given the option to write about places, people and things. If you are going to write about emotions and experience the writing may become reflective and that is a different genre all together. Here your main purpose will be explaining the various aspects of the subject. Some purposes of writing this kind of paper are discussed here.

Difference in views and how it affects our work

There are a lot of different ways in which some simple can be described. For instance a child will not describe the same attributes about his best friend as a college student will. It is not that things change but usually it is the perspective which changes with age and experience. Even then no two people have the same perspective and each one of us is different in some way or the other. So the question is how you see something and that will directly reflect on what you have written. A person may write all about the beautiful color of a rose while another may write about the thrones that come with the flyer and yet another may just describe the scent or the texture of the petals. A student may also write about the lifecycle of the rose plants and describe how they propagate.

You can understand that the way a descriptive topic will be analyzed depends greatly on the student. So what does the teachers look for? No matter what you write do not write stiff copied from the internet or from some book. Wherever you get your information from, use your own words because teachers will know which one is original which one is not.

The things you should keep in mind while writing a descriptive essay:

  • Use your own imagination and your own words. Since the topics are easy you will have no difficulty in understanding it. So use the information you get on the web but stick to your own writing style and language.
  • Do not cram the paper with facts and information. Make it readable and not a datasheet, you do not have to use all the points you get.

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