Argumentative Essay Topics: Top 27 Interesting Questions

Writing argumentative essays offer a vision into your analytical and observing skills. You need to see the dust when everyone else sees the crust. It is essential to note both sides of the coin and then to make a passionate and poised ultimate remark.

The barren slate

You should clear yourself of any preconceptions and take topics as they come; fresh as newborn baby. If you get involved with the texture, you will only hurt your piece. You should also make sure that the assertions are made after strongly dissecting the potency of logics. Actually, if you wish, you can check this site for pertinent detailing on this and other services.

Of course, the task becomes easy when the topic is relevant and open-ended. You get a better chance to make enquiries and scour resources. Meanwhile, here are 7 pertinent questions that may carve distinct argumentative essay topics

  1. Will Cricket become more popular if it is further reduced to 10-overs a side?
  2. Will things become more aggressive in African countries after the Paris attacks?
  3. Should terrorists be thrown from cliffs rather than allowed to live and feed on the taxpayer’s money?
  4. Should homework be banned, regulated or kept as it is?
  5. Should European countries also have a severe call on population?
  6. Should less polluted countries also resort to renewable energy sources with same vigor and energy?
  7. Should contact sports be banned or regulated with dominant rules?
  8. Should drinking age be lowered?
  9. Should uniforms be banned in school?
  10. Should immigrants not be allowed to live permanently?
  11. Should countries make a pledge to bring back the pristine Classical Music to the fore?
  12. Should there be a regulation on sleeping hours?
  13. Should there be tougher tenancy laws?
  14. Should farmers be given extra benefits at the expense of budding industrialists?
  15. Should embezzlers be more severely punished than drug peddlers?
  16. Should law take a lenient route for celebrity convicts?
  17. Should there be a uniform teaching approach throughout a country?
  18. Should education technology now be strengthened by allowing online degree certificates the same honor as physical degrees?
  19. Should human cloning be allowed?
  20. Should stem cell research be given the go-ahead, despite its non-ethics?
  21. Should celebrities stop endorsing products they don’t personally utilize?
  22. Should only politicians be allowed sirens on their cars?
  23. Should legislation and judiciary be merged?
  24. Should gambling be regulated or allowed a clean path?
  25. Should there be stricter punishment for sellers of illicit liquor?
  26. Should books and other pieces of art be allowed more creative freedom than other entities?
  27. Should euthanasia be universally allowed?

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