Where To Get A Free Comparative Essay: Basic Directions

Comparative essays require the writer to list the important aspects of a person, place, thing, concept or just about anything really, then weigh it against another item, equally explored and defined. Anything can be compared to anything else and that can be the fun part of writing this type of composition, finding ways of relating the most unlikely pairs quite possibly catching your reader by surprise. Here are some easy to access places one can search when looking for a free comparative essay:

  1. Online forums
  2. Open up a browser and enter the key words “Comparative essay forums” in the search bar. Upon completing this search, you will be provided with links to many sites, most of them will be forums. Visit some of these sites and carefully browse through the sections, with a little effort, you will be able to find a free literary paper sample.

  3. Web based university
  4. Countless universities from around the world provide free courses and assistance to people from all over the world. Simply use your favorite search engine to search the key words “free online universities” and contact the staff members there. Ask them if they could kindly provide you with a comparative paper sample and you should be easily accommodated.

  5. Online teachers
  6. Some teachers provide lessons and personal tutoring sessions online for small fees. It is possible if you contact one such teacher, they would be more than willing to help you out with a comparative composition sample at no cost.

  7. A library
  8. Libraries have been used by students for centuries and are basically storage units for literary pieces. Visit any library and ask the librarian if they stock samples of literary essays. If they have them in store, you should be able to make a copy of any one you desire.

  9. Graduate
  10. High school graduates sometime keep their past papers and if you are fortunate to know one of them, I’m sure they would not object to providing you with a free literary essay. If you don’t know a graduate personally, you could try searching or posting a message on a public message board and providing your contact information.

  11. Professor or teacher
  12. Your language professors or teachers are sure to possess copies of literary essays that they could give to you. Visit the language department of a school near you and kindly ask them if they could provide you with one.

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