25 Simple Argumentative And Persuasive Essay Topics To Write About

The art of debate dates back to the ancient Greeks and have evolved over the centuries. Debate in essay form is most popular in secondary school and college environments. Structured arguments are the most civilized form of debate. There is no shortage to essay topics, but here are 25 simple argumentative and persuasive topics.

25 simple topics

  1. What is the importance of Arts Education?
  2. What creative opportunities should high schools offer students?
  3. What, if any, should be the level of privacy when student records are involved?
  4. At what level are you distracted by technology?
  5. Should you be allowed, without fear of repercussion, to post about your employer on social media?
  6. Are classrooms taking advantage of technology to the fullest extent?
  7. Should robots play an essential role in our future?
  8. Is reality detrimental to society?
  9. What are the mile markers that indicate an artist or band will stand the test of time?
  10. What is the influence of video games over today’s society?
  11. What box office failures become cult favorites?
  12. Are standards different for this generation’s sons versus daughters?
  13. What effect do sororities and fraternities have on college student’s futures?
  14. In today’s society, are men and women equal?
  15. What personality traits should great leader’s posses?
  16. Should we continue to give trophies and medals for participation, or limit them for those who earned them?
  17. How available should methods of birth control be to today’s youth?
  18. At what age should sex education be taught in schools?
  19. Do enough laws offer adequate protection for child stars?
  20. Are the efforts to make school lunches effective?
  21. Are cell phones and other electronic devices interfering with relationships?
  22. What, if any, is the impact of living longer, healthier lives?
  23. Should the CEOs of non-profit and not-for-profit organizations collect six figure salaries?
  24. What level of privacy should be afforded to the famous individuals in our society?
  25. Should minor drug offences be sentenced to prison or should they be treated more leniently?

With these essay topics feel free to let your inner debater free. Be as persuasive or argumentative as you want, it is your point to prove. Strong language backs empower your argument and stands out on paper. With these topics, you are sure to excel.

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