US History Essay Topics: 25 Questions To Investigate

US history holds many interesting elements with it and hence shares a bigger percentage of essay topics. You may get diverse topics to write on that are not only interesting but draws attention of readers to high scale. The American Revolution of 1763-1783, the civil war reconstruction between 1861 and 1877, colonization and settlements, great depression and World War II, rise of industrial America are some of the most challenging and scoring topics that you can write on.

Check out 25 hot topics that brought revolution in America

  1. 1. Write an essay on U.S. Congressional documents in the era of 1774 and 1875. Discuss the century of lawmaking that transformed it into a new nation.
  2. 2. Write the agendas formulated by Abraham Lincoln at the library of Congress.
  3. 3. Discuss the Afro American perspectives in context of Daniel A. P. Murray collection of 1818-1907.
  4. 4. What kind of music was played in the era of 1820- 1860? Prepare the American musical sheet and talk about the history of its composers.
  5. 5. Discuss the railroad maps of 1828-1900. What were the hurdles faced by the engineers?
  6. 6. How small town America came into emergence? Discuss the stereoscopic views in context of Robert Dennis collection, 1850-1920.
  7. 7. Talk about the churches in the Southern Black Community between the era of 1780-1925.
  8. 8. What is special about the printed periodicals of 19th century?
  9. 9. What was the condition of people born in slavery? Discuss the chief points stated in Federal Writers Project of 1936-1938.
  10. 10. Discuss the journey of America from slavery to freedom. What is so special about 1822-1909 African American pamphlet collection.
  11. 11. How slaves were treated in the court during the era of 1740-1860.
  12. 12. Discuss the special elements of African American culture and its history.
  13. 13. Narrate the real life facts of slaves of America. How their condition changed?
  14. 14. Discuss the early years of California in the era of 1849-1900.
  15. 15. Write about the diaries and letters of 1846-1869.
  16. 16. Discuss the cabinet of American illustration.
  17. 17. Talk about the industrial revolution of 1877-1900.
  18. 18. How was the leisure life in America, 1894-1915.
  19. 19. Write an essay on panoramic maps.
  20. 20. How was the relation between the African American countries?
  21. 21. Discuss the limelight elements of Spanish American war.
  22. 22. Write special elements of 1860-1920 in terms of historical scenario of western America.
  23. 23. What is so special about Miller NAWSA suffrage scrapbooks of 1897-1911.
  24. 24. Write special features of pictures of women suffrage in the time period of 1850-1920.
  25. 25. How Nebraska photographs garnered limelight. Talk in context of F.A. Pazandak and Fred Hulstrand collection.

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