The 20 Best Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

If you're looking for the best descriptive essay narrative topics consider the following examples:

  1. 1. describe a time when you were lost
  2. 2. Narrate for the readers your favorite toy
  3. 3. Review one of your favorite meals
  4. 4. Narrate for the readers the hardest thing you've ever had to do
  5. 5. Explain what you would do if you can go back in time
  6. 6. Explain your most embarrassing moment
  7. 7. Describe one of the weirdest things you've ever seen
  8. 8. Explain one of your greatest accomplishments and what you learned from it
  9. 9. Explain a place that you'd like to live
  10. 10. Review a hard lesson that you had to learn
  11. 11. Review a place that is special to you
  12. 12. Explain one of your most memorable trips
  13. 13. Explain something that most people do not know about you
  14. 14. Explain a moment when you receive the best news you've ever received up until that point
  15. 15. Review something that you saw which most people would never believe you saw
  16. 16. narrate for the reader one of your secret talents
  17. 17. Review a time when you realize your parents were right
  18. 18. Explain to the reader five things that you could never live without
  19. 19. Explain that time when you realized you hated your job
  20. 20. describe to the reader something which made you laugh once upon a time

Remember that as you are crafting your narrative essay you want to pick something that you personally have experience with. If the event or the person or even the object is something that you personally have or have experienced it will be much easier for you to write a compelling piece of information to the reader. This is very important to the overall success of your final piece.

Avoid using abstract language when you are crafting the final piece. Always use concrete and descriptive language for your task.

When you work, be sure to take breaks too. Taking regular breaks for every hour of writing will help you to produce better concentrated efforts while you are working on the essay. You should aim for five to ten minute breaks for each hour or so that you are writing. During this break you should stretch or move around so that you can increase blood flow throughout your body and your brain while also improving your focus and creativity.

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