Top Proposal Essay Topics: 25 Ideas Worth Discussing

What is a proposal essay?

This is a paper aimed at convincing the reader that a product, service, idea, point of view, procedure, process, stand, etc is good or bad. The paper therefore rides on the strength and appeal of your facts. The idea must first appeal to the reader before the facts for or against the idea are presented.

Here are some excellent ideas to consider for your proposal essay

  1. 1. A green economy is more sustainable and profitable
  2. 2. Soda machines in schools should be removed to curb obesity
  3. 3. The internet is more of a distraction than a resource in the office
  4. 4. Natural lighting increases retention among students
  5. 5. Extracurricular activities boost the academic potential of students
  6. 6. Mobile devices are responsible for an increase in road accidents
  7. 7. Social media is responsible for increasing social violence and should therefore be controlled
  8. 8. Smoking should be banned in schools to improve overall health and better behavior
  9. 9. Tenants should be allowed to keep pets in apartments to lengthen their tenancy
  10. 10. The way to improve the quality of essays is to get more students in writing labs
  11. 11. Student governments act as spring boards for national politics and participation must be promoted
  12. 12. Co-education should be used to boost the learning experience and promote better performance
  13. 13. Land fills are not a solution to economic degradation
  14. 14. The dorm living system does not help to improve student relation or academic performance
  15. 15. Participation in community activities does not improve personal satisfaction
  16. 16. Literacy is better improved through local as opposed to national solutions
  17. 17. GPA does not reflect the capability of a student
  18. 18. More effort should go to improving physical activity than cutting weight
  19. 19. Politicians should be held legally responsible for their campaign promises
  20. 20. The process of choosing literature books for students should be reviewed
  21. 21. The education system increases apathy among students in all academic levels and should be reviewed
  22. 22. Teachers should allow students to choose their essay topics in order to nurture creativity
  23. 23. There is no standard body size for human beings
  24. 24. A cap on age limit for presidential candidates is discriminatory
  25. 25. Grading of students has killed creativity in schools

The best proposal essay must clearly state the problem and provide a solution. To achieve top quality in your essay, your solutions must impact the society positively. The solutions given or suggested must be justified through a logical proposal.

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