A List Of Narrative Essay Topics For Straight A Students

Even the most studious of students that achieve top grades in their studies can sometimes struggle with finding a topic for an assignment. If you find yourself in this dilemma consider this list of potential topics to choose from for a narrative piece of writing you must do for a homework assignment for your class.

  1. 1. What is one item that you have truly valued and kept with you throughout your lifetime?
  2. 2. Who were your favorite characters on television either in cartoons or real life?
  3. 3. What were your favorite books to read as a child and why did you enjoy them?
  4. 4. What make believe worlds or stories did you create when you were playing with your friends as a child?
  5. 5. What places did you visit when you were a child that were of significance or very important?
  6. 6. Did you used to be embarrassed by something that you enjoyed doing when you were a child?
  7. 7. Is there a time in your past that you would like to return to and visit?
  8. 8. Was there a member of your family who influenced your life or something that you enjoy doing?
  9. 9. What are you most grateful for in your life?
  10. 10. What do you struggle with most when talking to people who are much older than you?
  11. 11. Has your family done something for the community that you are proud of?
  12. 12. Have you influenced someone to make a better decision?
  13. 13. What advice would you give to a sibling to help them to be successful in life?
  14. 14. How are you similar and different to your parents?
  15. 15. Who taught you how to manage your money and finances?
  16. 16. Have you had to make a difficult decision that could impact your future?
  17. 17. Do you drink alcohol excessively or do illegal drugs?
  18. 18. Do you prefer to live in the city or the country?
  19. 19. Do you think the government does enough to help those who are less fortunate?
  20. 20. If you could be a celebrity who would you want to be?
  21. 21. Do you prefer visiting the beach or the mountains?
  22. 22. If you could travel to a new planet to live out your life would you?

Each of these topics will provide considerable information that any student can use to develop a narrative essay.

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