The Top 25 Expository Essay Topics To Trigger Your Passion For Writing

The goal of an expository essay is to present the view of other people or report a situation or event. It tries to convey the personal information of another person and explain the details that may seem difficult to understand. You are supposed to elucidate the subject that is being analyzed without any argument or criticism.

This can be fun as you not only get an opportunity to share your knowledge with other people but also improve your writing skills. Most instructors use this kind of work to gauge students particularly in colleges. The goal is to ensure that the student not only get the facts but is able to put them in an article to make them believable and show the truth. Here are 25 topics that you can choose.

  1. 1. What I admire in my teacher
  2. 2. Why I should be a leader
  3. 3. What makes parents strict
  4. 4. Why I like school
  5. 5. Why I enjoy working as a team
  6. 6. Why some students are forced out of school
  7. 7. The most stressful moments in my life
  8. 8. What I love most
  9. 9. Why it can be dangerous to live in a city
  10. 10. Why it is important to get a driver’s license
  11. 11. Why you should have some basic first aid skills
  12. 12. The animal I would like to be
  13. 13. Why students love listening to music
  14. 14. The impact of different music genres to the society
  15. 15. What are the consequences of poor grades in school?
  16. 16. Why some children skip school
  17. 17. What are the school requirements?
  18. 18. The importance of eating healthy foods
  19. 19. Why juveniles break the law
  20. 20. Why people are addicted to drugs and alcohol
  21. 21. How we can avoid global warming
  22. 22. How to become a good writer
  23. 23. How you can become part of a fraternity
  24. 24. How to fight racism in schools and colleges
  25. 25. How food stamps look like and work

There are many things around you that should give you the inspiration for your topic. This could be the weather, school, unhealthy food, drug addiction, student’s behavior and many more. If you are given a topic by your instructor, it can be difficult to maneuver and you will be left with no option but to work with what you are given. But if you are not given one you can choose one of these topics. With these topics, you will be on your way to writing a great explanatory essay.

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