20 Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts To Boost Your Creativity

Here are some topics you can consider for writing a strong persuasive essay

Topics that will improve your creativity to the max

  1. Alcohols are not always bad but their use can differ from person to person. It depends upon the person drinking or consuming alcohol to use
  2. Drugs can effectively boost your creative part of the brain and release hormones that help you stay focused and worry free
  3. Breaking social taboos for sex is important and critical in order to stop and prevent child abuse from happening. For a safer world for our children
  4. The future generations may not even be aware of the old technologies that we used in early 90’s rather they should actually know them
  5. It is important to have physical activities and sports in your lifestyle which is adversely being affected by the advancements in technology and the internet
  6. We all are being trained and programmed to be a robot and serve as a no question individual in the new world order
  7. Marxism is a failed theory and it should be buried by now the communists should rather focus on finding a better and realistic solution
  8. Capitalism is not the sole reason for all the problems we are facing in this world and we need to mend our ways as individuals
  9. No religion in the world supports or encourages violence or terrorism
  10. Children who are free range parented tend to be more creative and become leaders in their future life
  11. Free range parenting is the best approach as compared to helicopter and other parenting methods
  12. Lying is never going to solve any situation rather it only creates further complications
  13. Manipulating the truth is sometimes necessary in the professional and practical life in order to get the best out of situations
  14. Maturity does not come with age but with experience and the number of hardships you face in life
  15. Successful people not always have rich backgrounds rather they struggle to become who they are
  16. People on the top of the mountain were not thrown there or got their by accident
  17. Leadership skills are not innate rather they can be developed through time and exposure
  18. We need to adopt more organic and healthy diets
  19. Obesity is the biggest problem developed nations are facing
  20. Mass urban migration is dangerous

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