How To Write A Reflective Essay: Guidelines And Examples

Essays have been always the most mandatory part of our education life. It has given us the strength to compose good articles along with marvellous grasp on English language. The topic has always been an interesting point of concern for us which allows us to open our mind and imagine as far our knowledge flows.

What is a reflective essay?

A reflective essay is a form of an essay where the writer examines his/her own experience of life. It is more of a descriptive write up but from a personal point of view. Here the author gets to explore the mentality of his own in a large scape and describe it to the readers. With a good sense of writing and a better sense of English one can come up with a great reflective write up. The person should have eminent psychology to look deep within themselves; else they would never be able to come up with a good one.

Guidelines to write a good reflective essay:

  • The choice of the experience is very important. You need to look back on your life and squeeze out the most important thing to be described. You should be able to portray it perfectly in front of your readers, so be careful about choosing the topic. One must go down his/her memory lane and come up with a nice experience.
  • The portrayal of the entire scenario should be done in a vivid manner and in the first person basis. The excellent execution of the whole description will let you compose a marvellous write up.
  • The person should jot down the specific points of the incident in a place so that while writing the essay he/she should not miss out any point.
  • The introduction and the conclusion should be written with great sense of literal excellence. A good introduction will make the reader stick to your article till the end and a tight conclusion will be an added nail on the coffin so that the reader ponders over your thoughts forever.

Examples of a reflective essay:

  • Watching the sunrise standing on the top of the hill in a desolate island.
  • How would you have wanted to look at the great canyon?
  • Looking over a valley from the top of hill.
  • Feeling to fly with a bird in the sky.
  • If you would have smelled like a flower.
  • A walk in the forest at the early dawn.
  • The experience to climb the Mt. Everest.

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