5 Keys To Writing An Effective Reflective Essay

The reflective essay is something typically assigned at the end of a course, the end of a teaching opportunity or experience related to your field. The purpose is really to take the opportunity to reflect upon the work that you did or the skills that you learned.

Below you will find five tips on how to create the best effective essay.

  1. 1. The first key to making your final piece very effective is to explain what you have learned from the experience or how you have changed. If you are writing this as the final piece to a particular course you are taking you might want to explain how your skill set has changed since the beginning of the course or what you have learned about yourself since taking it. If you are submitting this at the end of a learning opportunity you want to use this as a place to reflect upon how you've changed since the start of this opportunity.
  2. 2. The second key is to use the right format. Your format is generally the same no matter the audience and it begins with the introduction where you orientate your reader to the focus or the scope of your peace and state your thesis. After this you want to include the body where each of your paragraphs have the topic sentence, the supporting details, and the concluding sentence. And finally you want to lead the reader to the conclusion where you reiterate your thesis and summarize the argument that you presented.
  3. 3. The third key is to use descriptive language. You want your reader to know that you were actually familiar with the subject matter and you do that by using the appropriate language. Make sure that you are as vivid as possible to truly provide your reader with a comprehensive understanding of who you were or what skills that you had at the onset of this event and what has changed since that time.
  4. 4. The fourth key is to utilize observational terms which best expand upon the progress that you made within your individual experience.
  5. 5. The fifth and final key is to truly take the time to quickly analyze the development you had as either a student or a professional. You want to include a list of your strengths and your weaknesses as well as how you have changed and how you plan to continue changing in the future.

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