Picking Up Interesting Literary Essay Topics On Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a novel often assigned in World Literature class. It can be read for in-depth political analysis or it can be read for a lighter form of pleasure. The farm animals can be explored for symbolism or it can be a quite read about animals overthrowing their people. If you are assigned Animal Farm for an essay, consider one of our innovative topics.


  1. 1. Select your favorite characters and completely discuss the allusions in the novel. You can pick animal or man, if you wish. Several of the names are Biblical in nature, so you could actually compare the animals to the people in the Bible with the same names. Or consider the names that are famous in history and then discuss those names.
  2. 2. Changing Rules-you will note that the rules on the farm change as the animals need for them to change. You could discuss which ones change and how they change. Then you could address why the animal or animals wanted to change the particular rules.
  3. 3. Politics-if you want to dig deep into the world of politics, you could discuss socialism and how the animals are socialists. You will need to know the rules of socialism and which rules the different animals represent.
  4. 4. Russian Revolution-you can explore politics even more by writing about the Russian Revolution. The characters developed by Orwell are all representative with a Russian political leader. Know your politics.
  5. 5. Rules and Commandments-you could go two ways with this essay. You could discuss the rules in comparison to the Commandments from the Bible or you could discuss the power of the words within the novel.
  6. 6. If politics are not your thing, then consider writing about the themes or the setting of the novel. These topics are easier to develop, but still very important to the novel’s message.
  7. 7. Comparison and contrast-you could do a comparison and contrast of Napoleon and Snowball. Discuss their differences, their attitude toward violence, who was sneakier, who was greedier, and ultimately which one of the pigs was more violent.
  8. 8. Old Major-review the lies that Old Major tells and explain why he tells such lies. Has he really had a good life? If not, why does he lie about his life?

As you get ready to write your essay on the novel Animal Farm, think about using one of our innovative and fresh topics.

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