Step-By-Step Instructions On Writing A Personal Narrative Essay

Personal narrative essay is a great way to express your communication skills, your thought process, organization, structure, format and the delivery of content in terms of quality. The writing process is easy for those who know its writing pattern and difficult for those who are not aware of its writing steps.

Have a look at its organization and follow the step by step writing guide

  1. 1. Form and conventions: First of all highlight your learning experience. Refer the sources that follow the conventions of storytelling, plotting and settings, stating detailed overview of the characters building an interesting climax at the end. The personal narrative essays that deliver a message at the end are considered to be a good one. Ensure to write them from the first person’s perspective while narrating the incidences. This conventional narrative form is highly admired.
  2. 2. Construction or fabrication: The chronological structure of the essay makes mapping of the content easy. The timelines, formatting of the architecture and the skeletal plotline makes the reader go in depth. These aspects may sound diminutive but play highly significant role in enhancing the quality of writing. You can also use either opposite or complementary or both the modes in one go bridging the gap between the stories. Highlight the subthemes and reveal what message author wants to convey during the process. Non linear essays are written with parallel plotlines or with flashbacks. They use series of timelines and non chronological events synthesizing and congregating the arched theme.
  3. 3. Viewpoint: Such narrative essays are written from the author’s perspective. The authenticity of the message conveyed describes the standpoint commenting or analyzing the actions of the story. Whether these are written from first person or third person’s perspective, the message comes in filtered form and is viewed by the narrator carrying the author’s voice.
  4. 4. Revelation: The colloquial dialogues and the idiosyncrasies of speech delivered reflect the detail of the characters and correlate it with the real life scenario. You should use vocabulary bank to reveal interesting conversations solving your purpose. Depending on the purpose you want to solve, you need to plot the story forward thereby.
  5. 5. Revision: This is the rereading time where you need to delete the insignificant facts while analyzing the points. Make them interesting and avoid irritating and fussy elements. Read your essay loud and check out inconsistencies of language, style and tone. Adjust your language catering the requirements of the audience like vocabulary informal structure, sophistication or use of special terminology.

These are essential steps that style your composition world in colorful way, Enjoy writing or buy it here!

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